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Official legal service – For the benefit of Clients.

The activity of the notary guarantees you an effective, successful and professional solution to your problem by the means of legal instruments.

The law confers public authenticity on notaries to provide impartial legal service to the Parties, in order to avoid legal disputes.

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Save money, time and

The direct judicial execution of notarial deeds guarantees a fast and economical solution and at the same time it is refraining parties from the costly and lengthy judicial litigation.

The notary is entitled to authentically certify facts and events of legal significance.

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Our goal is to offer our Clients a highly professional legal service along with a client-oriented approach, in each and every case of the Notary Office. We also prepare notarial deeds or contracts in English or German language.

The Notary Office is located in the 16th District of Budapest, which area is labeled as the Progressive Garden City.

Our Notary Office offers a fast and effective service with a short deadline, even on the same day with the Clients’ inquiry. On the basis of a previously arranged appointment, we perform notarial services outside of the official business hours and in case of reasonable conditions we also proceed outside of the office or on the spot of an event.

We offer an advanced and competent knowledge of English and German, therefore we also prepare notarial documents in foreign languages.

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