Official legal service – For the benefit of Clients.

The activity of the notary guarantees you an effective, successful and professional solution to your problem by the means of legal instruments.

The law confers public authenticity on notaries to provide impartial legal service to the Parties, in order to avoid legal disputes. The notary is a well prepared legal professional whose trusted counseling helps Clients to exercise their rights and fulfill their obligations.

The fair and accountable tariff of the notary is regulated by law and its procedures are bound by the duty of confidentiality. Consequently, notaries acts in accordance with statutory regulations in order to enforce Client’s rights beyond any dispute. As a matter of fact, the motto of Hungarian notaries reflects the same: Law without dispute.

The deed prepared by a notary is an authentic public deed. Contracts executed before a civil law notary are authentic acts empowered with direct judicial executive force. In this way, the deed of a notary shall be able to fortify Clients’ rights through the direct execution of contractual conditions, in case the parties would fail to fulfill their obligations set forth by their agreement.

At the same time, notarial deeds have an authentic probative value, thus the act of a notary is also an authentic proof of its contents. Authentic notarial acts have in many ways the same attributes as judicial judgments and shall not be contested, except by judicial means. These authentic deeds undoubtedly evidence their contents in relation to the existence and the attributes of data, facts or declarations incorporated in them. 

The procedure of a notary offers a fully comprehensive legal process along with increased contractual certainty for a predictable and competitive price. Should we mention directly executable and enforceable deeds or contracts, authentic certifications and public registers, heritage procedures and testaments, even as orders for payment or other out-of-court proceedings, through the assistance of the notary lengthy court procedures can be prevented and expensive litigation is avoidable.

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