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Supported by a fast and effective procedure the notary is able to certify signatures and authentic copies, create signature specimens, issue certificates of various public registers just like company extracts and other corporate documents, land certificates, mortgage or partnership certificates.

The direct judicial execution of notarial deeds guarantees a fast and economical solution and at the same time it is refraining parties from the costly and lengthy judicial litigation. You are finally able to collect debts quickly, secure your unpaid purchase price, capable of enforcing the payment arising from overdue rental fees or loans along with mortgage contracts. You are also granted the option to recover your property from a malicious tenant with the help of fast eviction and you have the right to instantly expel the lessee violating your rental contract.

The notary is entitled to authentically certify facts and events of legal significance. Attesting board meetings or other assemblies, documentation of internet contents, exposing copyright, trademark or patent infringements, even evidencing the randomness of lotteries, other drawings and prizes: With the help of authentic notarial certificates rapidly disappearing facts can be recalled and events taken place in the presence of the notary can be approved.

The notary conducts heritage procedures and other out-of-court proceedings under its authority. The objective of the heritage procedure is to settle all matters of inheritance without legal dispute, thus court litigations are avoidable. As a result of the widespread experience in inheritance law, notaries are well-acquainted with preparing last wills, notably testaments, inheritance contracts, donations in prospect of death or agreements regarding the disclaimer of inheritance. Testaments preserved by a notary are prevented from disappearing, so notarial activity facilitates the enforcement of the Clients’ last will.

Authentic wills shall prevail. The Electronic Register of Wills and Testaments operated by the Hungarian National Chamber of Civil Law Notaries is an electronic system with secure connection to each and every notary. In case a notary draws up any testamentary disposition in the form of a notarial deed, or a private will is deposited in the custody of a notary, in either case the proceeding notary is obliged to register these documents into the electronic register. On the other hand, the notary conducting the heritage procedure is also obliged to inquire the register in order to find out if the testator left behind a public testament or a private will deposited at a notary.

Several other out-of-court proceedings fall within the competence of notaries: Hungarian and European order for payment procedures, establishment and register of movable chattel and universal mortgage securities, preliminary evidence procedure, notarial assignment of an expert, annulment of lost bonds and stocks, dissolution of a registered partnership, operating the Electronic Register of Partnership Declarations, and last but not least to order Hungarian and European judicial enforcement through writs of execution or enforcement clauses.

Complex services. As a public official the notary has strong connections with other authorities. If necessary in a certain case, notaries are obliged to contact public authorities such as the Land Registry, Court of Company Registration, Guardianship Authority or other public administration offices. Nevertheless, the notary performs a fully comprehensive service while creating a deed or conducting a procedure. The notarial activity starts with the requirement of documents regarding title and representation, followed by the preparation of deeds and contracts, together with the supervision of official procedures and the acquisitions of permits. Following this, the notary shall also guarantee the publicity of the authentic act by registering it to the public registers existing for this purpose.

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